March 20, 2007

Iraq: A Republican War

Whether a consequence of principle or politics, one thing is clear from public polling at the four year mark: George Bush's war in Iraq has become indisputably a minority, one-party, Republican War.

Now supported by only 32% of Americans according to a recent CNN/Opinion Research poll
(Poll: Support for the Iraq war deteriorates, March 19, 2007), the war in Iraq eeks out that very low level of overall public support only because it is still supported by more 70% of Republicans, though almost unanimously opposed by Democrats (91%) and very unpopular among Independents, 73% of whom now disapprove of Bush's handling of the situation in Iraq (CBS News/New York Times Poll, Feb 23-27, 2007).

As CNN senior political analyst Bill Schneider points out in his March 19, 2007

down 40 points in 4 years

Favor US War in Iraq .. CNN / Opinon Research

2003 : 91% republican; but 55% democrat CNN, USATODAYGallup

2007 24% republicans oppose ; 91% democrats CNN Opinon Research

January 1971 public opposition about same as current war in irag

republican 61% oppose Gallup Poll

Deomcrats 59% oppsoe

CNN senior political analyst Bill Schneider

Poll: Support for the Iraq war deteriorates

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