November 16, 2003


He named you. Seeking harmony I let it pass, I, I who should have known better, I who believed in the power and shape of names. It was my prerogative and I let it pass, as if it were of no greater essence than the mist, thinking it no more than a lost dream and forgetting it was no less.

And so he named you, gave you patrimony, power, place and purpose. He thought it done. A single act this giving, like conception, a single act, a simple action. He thought it done and you were his.

But I had different visions and different dreams. I knew you not as an instant, but through time, in time. And so, I named you also, gave you names of my own. I named you secretly, gifting you with names of a different sort, names replete with meaning, and becoming. I named you with silence and curiosity. Where he gave you history and certitude, I gifted you with mystery and passion and I knew that you were mine.

You are sleeping yet, among these gifts, his and mine. When at last you go seeking, what will you find?

Posted by anne duncan

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