August 15, 2010

3 Beach Monkeys, 1997

Dredged up this ancient thing from the bottom of the sea.
File date September 15, 1997.

A 15fps Super Wide Production
3 Beach Monkeys
Starring Laurel, Troy & Brighton

We had walked along Garnet from Zanzibar to the pier, then headed south along the boardwalk for a way, to a bit south of Grand as I recall. Not much further. I sat on the crest of the beach, shielding the camera on its squat mini tripod, and just let it roll.

I was into weird video aspect ratios in those heady days, serving up composite still and video web page backgrounds, so this one got cropped down to its "action" rather quickly, the next day. 512x128 The bare essentials of sand, surf and sky; silly mortals playing in between.

3 Beach Monkeys Credits

3 Beach Monkeys Credits

Tech Stuff

Check out the "Tech Stuff" from 1997:

  • Sony Hi8 CCD-TR700
  • Intel Smart Video Recorder III
  • Rhino9 Pentium 200mhz
  • Adobe Premiere 4.2
  • Adobe Photoshop 4.0
  • Asymetrix 3DFX
  • Syntrillium CoolEdit 96
  • Intel Indeo Video R5.0 Beta
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