March 26, 2000

stupid people

American Beauty Ok, it's Academy Awards night and Yahoo! news says the following:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - American Beauty, a movie about a dysfunctional suburban family trying to cope with life's changes, won the Oscar for best film of 1999 at the Academy Awards on Sunday.

I have yet to understand how anyone can interpret American Beauty as a movie about dysfunctional families, suburbia and "life's changes." This is the essence of why American Beauty to me is a very bad movie. It is thematic mud, gorp, glock, or whatnot. It is a mumbling message attempting to quote Nietzsche that bumbles within its own medium and in the end gets interpreted as "I think the movie is saying that suburbia is bad."

I also have a laundry list of other reasons the movie isn't good, but just saying that it fails to deliver its message and is greatly misinterpreted, probably by its own writer and director, is enough to dump it.

Of course, it shouldn't come as any surprise that it was heralded by the Hollywood industry, when its leading actress is the wife of Warren Beatty, who has his own weird message. Did anyone understand either he or Jack Nicholson in that twenty-minute tag team rambling marathon? The coke must be awfully good in LA.

I would like to weigh in and say that I think the most enjoyable movie I saw in 1999 was Star Wars. Then The Thirteenth Warrior. I'm tired of Hollywood industry "art" films. For massive state propaganda type movies, Hollywood needs to go back to Eisenstein and Leni Reifen-whats-her-nazi-last-name-anyway and their films.

Weighing in,

Now I need to see if Kevin Spacey's portrayal of asshole, which came off as male bitch, was accepted as the best acting by a male star.

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Our dog Co- is nearly 12 years old
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