October 8, 2004

What I Really Said About Iraq

Was there ever any doubt that L. Paul Bremner III yet remained a true-blue, die-on-the-sword believer, sold on the grand old neo-con cause?

I think not, despite his strenuous defense of self and President in his New York Times Op-Ed piece What I Really Said About Iraq.

Nor do I think anyone's especially now excited about whether in 20-20 hindsight Bremner was more right than the generals--those Rumsfeld and Company had left standing--back when this chaos was first let loose.

No, I seem to recall just the other day when the point was that Bremner got caught out speaking too openly a present truth about the state of things in Iraq. He was caught recognizing, accepting the reality that things are so bad that we had better start examining and re-examining all sorts of ideas, his among them, of what might have been done better.

The point remains, beyond anything Bremner has to say true blue, that precisely what Bremner did in speaking truth about Iraq, that public speaking of the truth is something this administration has steadfastly refused to do, and continues to refuse in seemingly ever more frightening absurdity.

They're probably scared by it too, just thinking about what happens when the levee breaks.

I appreciate Paul Krugman's column of the same day, Ignorance Isn't Strength, as valiantly on point here. He pairs nicely with Bremner.

Odd how Krugman's blatant Orwellianism is denied by the New York Times main page, which in a link declares Krugman's title to be "Denying Reality"

....at least as I write this.

Posted by Raoul

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